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With our experience in having advised a wide variety of businesses from their formation to growth and dispositions, we are well geared to help our clients plan to achieve their business goals and maneuver through any phase.


We help up you with starting a business

At Bullard & Mulkey, we understand that starting up a new business involves a lot of technical paperwork. Business agreements need to consider unique needs of every business. It is therefore, very important that you have a well experienced attorney on board from the very start; to ensure that all agreements between owners and key employees are carefully considered


We help you during the life of your business

Taxes affect every aspect of our lives and especially during the operation, growth, sale and liquidation of businesses.  Across all industries federal income taxes is the single largest non deductible cost for all businesses, we help you with Tax Elections and Methods. Reducing or eliminating that cost is the single biggest factor in increasing cash flow.

Great tax strategies, on the other hand, are very important to every transaction you make during the life of your business. Join forces with our tax law experts and carefully plan out your tax to receive additional benefits, such as converting your ordinary income to capital gain in order to reduce, defer or eliminate taxes.

Our unique understanding of the tax consequences of buying of selling businesses allows us to structure tailored strategies for clients and help with purchase & sale transactions.

If you are business is in need of some extra cash, Bullard & Mulkey assist you with borrowing for growth.

We help you negotiate the terms and conditions of a loan agreement with the banker to ensure that no long term issues and unforeseen events occur in the near future.

Bullard & Mulkey even helps you during the process of liquidation. We understand that liquidation can result in unexpected taxes, costs and fees, especially in the case where it was unexpected or the result of unfavorable economic factors. We put our years of knowledge in use, during this time, and help you through each and every step of liquation.


Exit Planning

Retirement is the period in our life that we all work very hard for. Savings and capital invested to provide income during the time of your retirement, all are a rather strong indicator of the quality of life that we will experience in the future. At Bullard & Mulkey we value your needs, and help you convert the value of your business into personal capital — very separate from your business after your retirement.


If we were to sum up everything that our team has to offer for in business planning and tax law; we provide our valued businesses with the support and guidance they need to develop the most effective strategies to meet our clients’ business goals.

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