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Losing a loved one is a sad and stressful time. A Probate Attorney removes a lot of that stress by guiding you through the probate process of settling the estate of the deceased. Let Bullard & Mulkey, P.A. help you during this difficult time.

What Is Probate?

The Florida Bar’s Consumer Pamphlet: PROBATE IN FLORIDA, defines probate as, “a court-supervised process for identifying and gathering the assets of a deceased person (decedent), paying the decedent’s debts and distributing the decedent’s assets to his or her beneficiaries. In general, the decedent’s assets are used first to pay the cost of the probate proceeding, then are used to pay the decedent’s outstanding debts, and the remainder is distributed to the decedent’s beneficiaries.”

Why Do I Need A Probate Attorney?

Most people remain completely unaware of the procedures on how one can inherit or transfer property of the deceased. There are laws governing the probate process and it is always advisable to use an attorney when law is involved. A Probate Attorney will represent you in the interpretation and implementation of the Florida Statutes referencing Probate Law and how it directly affects your situation. Bullard & Mulkey, P.A. provides the knowledge to expertly guide you through the probate process, no matter if it’s for a formal probate administration or a summary probate procedure. Summary probate procedures include small estate affidavits, spousal property petitions, and petitions to determine succession to real property. We are here to help you with probate litigation.

Have You Been Named A Personal Representative In A Will?

If you have been named Personal Representative, Administrator, Executor, Conservator, or Trustee, you should seek the advice of a Probate Attorney experienced in probate law. We understand that many persons given these responsibilities have never been through this process before. Bullard & Mulkey, P.A.  will make sure you avoid many common mistakes in administration as well as avoid any unnecessary liability for your actions. We are here to help you with probate administration.

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