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Shannon Mulkey has been an attorney since October 2008.  She was born in Iowa, but has lived in Florida for over 30 years, attending high school at Lake Weir and starting her college studies at CFCC (now CF).  She can remember wanting to be a lawyer as early as around age 10.  She loves to read and be outdoors with her family on the boat, or on the motorcycle with her husband.  She has an adult son, two daughters and a stepson who are ages 14, 10 and 10.  Shannon has worked in every position in a law firm since 1998: a file clerk/runner, receptionist, legal assistant, paralegal, law clerk, associate attorney, and partner/owner. 
She started her own firm in January 2022 and is now a proud owner of her law firm property on Silver Springs Boulevard in Ocala, Florida.  She holds a Board Certification Specialization in Elder Law by the Florida Bar since 2016, but also loves to do real estate contracts and title closing work. 

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