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You have worked very hard over your lifetime, so having a plan in place to make sure that your assets and property get to the right people after you pass away is so important.  

We are dedicated to working with you to simplify the complex process of planning your estate, whether it is that you need a will or a trust – all to ensure that your wishes are followed after your death, and that  your family’s financial future is protected. We pay particular attention to structuring your estate in a way that minimizes you and your family’s tax burden and helps to avoid any family disagreements in the event of your death.

Studies show that a very minimal number of people over the age of 50 have wills, while an even fewer sum of  people have durable powers of attorney, advance medical directives, and living trusts. Studies indicate that most people fail to make a comprehensive estate plan, and those who do probably fail to review their plans as years go by.  

We help ensure that a lifetime of hard work will benefit you during your lifetime and then your loved ones after your death. We assist you in nominating a guardian as part of your estate plan too, only if the need should arise, and can also help you pursue guardianship for a loved one who did not plan for incapacity.

We help develop advance directives to prepare your future. An “advance directive” is a document states your best wishes for a number of healthcare-related decisions in the event you become somehow incapacitated and unable to communicate. These documents are extremely important to ensure your desires and wishes are adhered to in the event you can no longer communicate them yourself.

While you do not need to have an attorney present in order to create advance health care directives or durable power of attorney, we see issues with them being prepared incorrectly every day and it is strongly advised that you create them ahead of time with the assistance of an attorney.  We can put our extensive skillset to work protecting you, your estate, and the best interests of your loved ones should the worst happen.

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